1. Cute boys appear only when I am sleeping with my mouth open.

  2. Camped out on the floor at gate D 42, periodically crying, YYC’s hottest mess????

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  4. A week ago the bags under my eyes were masked by excitement.

  5. Do I have SARS?
    a memoir.

  6. Guys I am SO SICK and I’m still on the stupid Disney boat (it’s not stupid, I’m sorry, Disney boat) but I have to get off early this morning and I can’t get back to sleep because I can barely breathe and I’m stuffed with sick and I need a hug and a humidifyer stat.
    But other than that, I’ve got the net on my phone again, a service that makes it possible for me to bring all this whining straight to you, God bless.

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  8. Gon make a shirt that says “I got my period in Skagway, Alaska” ‘cause that’s all that happened today.

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    Hey just checking in, Alaska is super cool and I haven’t even set foot in it yet. The boat still makes me sick but not as much, I really want to know where all the crew sleeps, and I ate a snail at supper time.
    How are you guys doing?

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    K so guys I love Vancouver a lot & I’m seriously considering living on the west coast next year???

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    My Oma is so freakin cute, when she’s sleepy she’ll talk to me in Dutch and I’ll have no idea what she’s saying so she’ll get really animated trying to make me understand even though she knows I don’t speak Dutch at all but she’s too tired to know the difference.

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    I’ve seen her live twice now and she’s so cool.

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